Why You Have to Get a Hole in Your Roof Fixed Immediately

If you currently have a hole in your roof, no matter how small, you could end up with pests in your home. There are lots of attic pests, including rats, mice and bats, and these can be devastating to your property. You could also end up with larger pests, such as raccoons and squirrels, and those really cause havoc on your home. Let’s take a look at some of the pests that you could encounter and why it is so important that you contact a roofing contractor in Chicago IL as soon as you notice a hole in your roof.


Your first clue to the presence of mice will be the noise. You can hear them scurrying about. Mouse traps with peanut butter should be placed as soon as possible, preferably close to a wall, which is where they love to scurry. Make sure you regularly check your traps and get rid of any corpses, as they will start to stink if they start to decompose.


Rats cause a lot more problems than mice because they are basically oversized mice. They’re also grosser and scarier and they are a whole lot more intelligent. You need bigger traps to catch them. Other than that, however, treat them like mice.


The problem with squirrels is that people think they are incredibly cute. While they may be, there’s nothing cute about the hundreds of dollars of damage they can do to your property. You need to get rid of them if they are in your home, and you are likely to need a professional for this. Squirrels are clever and if you close a hole, they will simply make a new one, because they know your house is comfortable to live in.


Another example of an animal that is seen as lovable and cute. In reality, however, they carry rabies and do untold damage to your home. You must trap them and get rid of them. And you have to fix whatever entry point they used in order to get into your property. And don’t worry, most rodent professionals now trap raccoons humanely and release them into the wild, far away from your property.

What’s the Problem?

Now that the colder months are upon us, you have to go into the attic and look if you can see any cracks or holes. They tend to be near gutters, in flashing or around roof boards and fascia. Vent screens are also easy to rip and animals often use them to get in. Make sure that all these issues are fixed. It is likely that you will have to get a professional in to do this, but they will be able to make sure a problem is resolved before it gets any worse. If you want to protect the animals that have managed to get into your home, simply look for a pest professional that uses humane methods rather than killing the animals.

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