Why Modular Offices Are Gaining So Much Popularity

New and old business owners are faced with difficult choices in these difficult financial times. There is no doubt that holding onto their assets is a priority, and this is perhaps why they are now choosing to operate in smaller office spaces. In order to maximize use of this area and accommodate all employees, they are now selecting modular office furniture. In addition to nicely fitting into the small office space, this furniture also offers employees their personal space and allow them to work efficiently. It is also a very feasible plan as modular office furniture costs much less than the traditional alternative.

There is no doubt that modular office buildings are modern and practical. They offer an ideal method to maximize space and reduce limits and boundaries in the work place. More and more companies are embracing in recent times. It has already become a prevalent design in thousands of office building s across the globe. It is commonly chosen for interior offices, manufacturing rooms and clean rooms. It is also used for and is widely used for industrial wall systems. Along with utility and practical benefits, modular offices are sleek. They flaunt clean lines and generally serves better for the companies which have numerous employees. There are a few things to consider before you decide to employ this look for your office building.

Modular office furniture, also commonly referred to as cubicles, can be bought piece by piece. They come with interlocking devices and can be expanded based on your needs. These will be great for you if you have a young company with future possibility of expansion. This is another interesting reason to invest in these – modulars expand as your business broadens.

Modular designs can be broadly classified into 2 types. You can select one depending on your need but each of the designs have advantage and disadvantage.

  1. The Freestanding Design

The Freestanding modular design basically comprises of lone panels which are used around other furniture. These panels are quite easy to install. You can move and rearrange them without much hassle. If you have existing office furniture, they are a great choice.

  1. The Panel-mounted Design

Panel-mounted modulars consist of simple wall panels and have attachments. This includes like desks and cabinets. This kind is more commonly used in modern offices. These offer more choices in terms of furniture design. They come with power options and eliminates the need to buy more furniture as you can enjoy ready desks and storage systems.

Modular office furniture come in standard sizes. While some of the most common units are 6’x6′, 6’x8′ and 8’x8′, there are also smaller units that measure 2’x4′. The larger units can be as big as 12 feet. Most people use small units to set up simple workstations. You can use the medium units to make space for 1 or 2 personnel. They can also be used to separate a space for group work or meetings. Height of the wall panels is something you must consider. It starts as 3 feet and can be as high as 7 feet. If you want more privacy at workplace but do not wish to isolate employees, the ideal height would be 4 to 4.5 foot panels. If you install taller panels, they may reduce distractions but will block lighting.

You can invest on industrial modular cabinets that offer the highest density storage combined with a wide variety of drawer heights. These will optimize space and output. The modular cabinets are a great way to maximize profit per square foot and will definitely be a great addition to your modular office space.

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