Ways to Make Your Home’s Electrical, Plumbing and AC Systems More Efficient

Homes both large and small are made up of several moving parts. While everything might seem as though it’s working just fine on the outside, there could be issues boiling just underneath the surface of your sink, electrical outlet or vent that you are completely unaware of. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to better ensure your home has efficient AC, electric and plumbing systems.

Your Air Conditioning & Heater Unit

Get yourself into the habit of changing out your HVAC system’s filters on a regular basis, especially if you use your unit a lot. Clogged filters make your unit work harder than absolutely necessary, which is likely to result in unnecessary repairs as well as premature wear and tear. Having your unit regularly maintained also extends its overall life, allows it to operate more efficiently and alerts you to issues your unit might be having before they become major and more expensive.

During routine maintenance and inspections, feel free to ask the technician if there are any additional tips you can put to good use regarding caring for the specific make and model of your HVAC unit. Investing in a programmable thermostat is a great way to save on energy costs while remaining comfortable in your home. One of the really great things about programmable thermostats is that you can set them to kick the system on while you’re on your way home, better ensuring you don’t have to endure a sweltering or frigid residence when you get back from the office.

Your Electric Unit

If you haven’t done your research yet, find out how old your home’s electrical system is. You might already have an idea of this if you frequently experience blown fuses. The age of your electrical system lets you know just how much power it can safely handle and what kind of attention it needs. What’s more is the state of your electrical system determines the types of appliances and electrical devices you use so you don’t risk overloading your system or accidentally starting a fire.

You should also familiarize yourself with your electrical panel, taking note of breakers and what parts of your home they power. Do you find that you frequently trip breakers? Call in an electrician to help you figure out what’s going on and what needs to be done to take care of the issue.

Buying a fire extinguisher made specifically for electrical fires is a must for every homeowner. Your natural reaction will likely be to use water to put out such a fire, but the mistake with that is that water conducts electricity. Much like you would be doing with a grease fire, using water is likely to only make the situation much worse.

Your Plumbing System

Out of all the systems in your home, the plumbing is certainly the easiest to overlook, mainly because all your pipes are likely concealed behind walls and running underneath the floor. Also, being proactive is most certainly the way to go when it comes to your plumbing. This means paying close attention to what goes down your drain, placing screens over your drains to catch hair in the shower and food particles in the kitchen. There’s no denying that all that hair and soap scum can be unappealing to toss into the trash, but it’s much less of a hassle and less of an expense than risking a backed up drain, which can lead to a number of other issues.

You should also call in a plumber to take a look at your current water pressure setting. Chances are it’s too high, which means you’re inflicting accidental wear and tear on your home’s pipes and cutting into their overall life expectancy. Pressure reducers keep your water streaming out at a healthy pressure without sacrificing on your overall comfort.

It can also be difficult to tell just what’s in your water, even when it seems to taste and feel fine. There’s a good chance there are harmful minerals swimming in your water that can harden the liquid and eat away at your plumbing system’s fitting and joints. Install a water softener to protect your pipes and as a favor to your skin and hair.

Take out some time to take care of your electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems. A few minutes of devotion is sure to pay off big in the long run.



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