Variety of Bathroom Floor Tiles

When it comes to choosing bathroom floor tiles there are many suitable options available. In this particular area of the home floor tiles need to meet a certain criteria to ensure practicality and safety. Choosing bathroom floor tiles which suit the layout and size of the room in question from a style perspective is also an important factor. The way the floor tiles are arranged throughout the bathroom can also have a huge impact on the overall design. There are many natural stone and engineered bathroom floor tiles which can work to great effect as part of modern interior decors.


Slip Resistant Bathroom Floor Tiles

You may expect bathroom floors to be slippery at times, especially the areas in close proximity to baths, shower trays and sinks. There are, however, tiles which can provide a high level of slip resistance on bathroom floors. Tiles which have a matt finish are undoubtedly the best option. A matt finish produces a non gloss surface and therefore helps to create a greater amount of prevention against slippage. Matt porcelain tiles are acquired for bathroom designs. These engineered tiles have a low moisture absorption rate making them highly compatible with a bathroom floor design. Natural stone varieties like travertine are also used to good effect as bathroom floor tiles. These stone tiles are honed to produce an even yet non sleek finish.

Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tiles

Although mosaic tiles are probably mostly associated with splash back and border designs they can also be applied in flooring areas. In a wet room they are an especially good option. Wet rooms require a sloping floor surface for adequate drainage. It’s not practical to lay standard format tiles upon a sloping floor and therefore flexible mosaics attached to a mesh sheet are the most straightforward option. The multiple grout lines on a mosaic floor also provide safe covering under foot. A mosaic pattern also produces a contrast in style and texture to that of standard bathroom floor tiles.

Stylish and Warm Bathroom Floor Tiles

The way bathroom floor tiles are arranged can really bring a design to life. Square tiles in a grid pattern create a consistent design in bathrooms. A grid pattern is extremely popular with large format tiles. Rectangular tiles are often arranged in a brick effect style, also known as a running bond pattern. The use of this particular look is a popular technique with natural stone tiles as it helps to showcase a rustic beauty evident within the likes of limestone and marble. Sometimes it’s not the best feeling when you walk upon a cold floor in bare feet. You don’t have to worry about this, however, if you decide to install electric under floor heating mats. These can be applied to a flooring substrate within a bed of adhesive. Tiles are then simply laid over the top. These electric mats prove cost effective and also the compact design takes up very little space beneath your bathroom floor tiles.

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