Tips for Preparing to Ship Presents and Gifts 

When friends and family live hours away, it can be hard to attend parties, holiday events, and birthdays with them. One of the best ways to show that they have not been forgotten about is to send them a package with a gift and a special card. This is a common practice, especially as families continue to relocate across the world. 

Ordering the Gifts Months Ahead of Time
Finding the perfect gift can take a long time. Online stores can offer virtually any gift for any person; offering far more than any physical store could. Whether the gift is art, handmade, fan based, an antique, or ever a run of the mill tool set or teddy bear, there is something for everyone. One of the biggest issues with ordering items online is that it may take anywhere from 3 to 45 days before the item arrives in the mail, depending upon which country it is coming from. If the items are handmade or customized, it will take time before the item is finished and shipped to the home. After receiving, the presents still must be wrapped and sent on a second journey through the post in order to arrive at its final destination in time for the big day.

Packaging Materials You Will Need
In order to wrap and ship a present, a few basic materials are needed. The present should be wrapped in paper and packaged safely. If the item is fragile, bubble wrap or packing peanuts are necessary. The item should be placed in a strong shipping box; one that offers a snug fit in order to prevent shifting and rocking inside of the package. If the sender is feeling festive, some 
personalized packing tape that says “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Holidays” would be great for the shipping box. With a shipping label as the cherry on top, the package is ready to go.

Choosing When and How to Ship the Presents
Packages should be shipped two to three weeks before the date that the sender wants them to arrive on. This helps ensure timely delivery should the package be lost or returned. During the busy holiday season, a lot of shipments see a massive delay. Different mailing companies offer varying rates and services, as well as international options.

If one can’t attend a birthday or holiday, shipping a present and apology card is the next best option. Fast paced lives and demanding careers can restrict the ability to travel, as can financial limitations. Even so, it’s still possible to let family and friends know they are loved.

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