Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Garden Throughout Winter

Whilst your garden may need endless amounts of care and attention all year round, there is one specific time of year that requires a little more TLC. Winter can be a harsh season, especially for your garden, so it’s important to give it the required care and attention that it requires to ensure it’s in perfect condition for your spring garden routine!

Tidy and Clear

The garden can become a bit of a mess throughout winter, with the endless amount of leaves that have fallen and gathered from the transition from autumn, combined with the broken twigs and branches that have fallen from the heavy winds. Give your garden a good tidy and clear out any rubbish that is taking up essential space that will be used to plant when the weather clears up. Focus on removing any dead flowers or plants in the beds, dead foliage can result in unwanted pests or diseases in your garden which you don’t want when the spring arrives. You can then focus on clearing any rubbish that may have blown into the garden from surrounding areas, such as plastic or cardboard, as this could be a potential hazard to any wildlife that enters your garden to hibernate throughout the winter!

Move Indoors

The weather throughout winter can be very unpredictable, with heavy showers, snow and wind there’s no knowing how bad or mild the winter season will be. There’s nothing worse than your favourite potting bench or set of garden chairs rotting from the horrible, wintery weather, so moving items like this inside is the best solution to avoid any furniture or equipment going rusty or rotting over the winter. Placing items like this in the shed or garage will simply preserve the quality of the material and ensure you have items in good condition for spring and summer.

Mulch the Garden

A great way to ensure your garden stays strong and thriving throughout winter is to create a strong mulch to distribute over the soil in your garden. Mulch is just what you need to protect your garden from any extreme, cold weather or heavy rain, as well as protecting it from endless amounts of frost. If you haven’t made mulch before, you can make it from materials such as leaves as this helps to balance out the temperature and protect the soil properly.

Clear the Weeds

Weeds are the one plant that seem to come all at once in full force, which creates an issue for gardeners when trying to keep their plants thriving. Weeds also love the winter time, as they seem to grow more and more as the seasons go by. If you have weeds, it’s best to remove them now before the spring time when they flourish and grow more. Removing the weeds will help keep your garden neat and tidy, as well as prevent them from taking over your current flower beds or patches and causing problems for the growth of your existing plants.

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