Tips for Achieving Cosy, Winter Interiors

With Christmas, just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your home is warm and inviting for your family and friends throughout the festive period. Creating a warm and cosy atmosphere within your home is a great way of getting into the Christmas spirit, and there’s no better way to welcome guests than with a relaxing atmosphere and homely feel.

Cosy Materials

Winter is the perfect time to bring out those chunky knits and snuggle down with a warm cup of hot chocolate. The materials around your home have a surprisingly large influence on the overall atmosphere of each room, therefore introducing warm, cosy materials to each room in your home will create the perfect feel within your home. There are so many different ways in which you can introduce wonderful winter fabrics to your interiors, such as throws for the sofa or beds, cushions with thick covers, heavy fabric curtains and even stylish rugs that will add to the cosy feel of any room.

Layer it Up

When it comes to stepping out of the house on a cold winters day, the first thing you do is wrap up warm with plenty of layers to keep you cosy in the cold weather. It’s just the same for your home, as adding extra layers to furniture, such as your sofas and beds, will enable you to keep warm and cosy all day and night. Beds are the easiest when it comes to layering up, as you can invest in some gorgeous sheets, toppers, duvets and throws to keep you warm on a crisp winter evening. You can then add a selection of cushions and pillows to the bed to give it that extra cosy touch. Not only will this layering help you keep warm, it will also look great and create a cosy atmosphere within your bedroom. Similarly, you can layer up your sofa with additional cushions, throws or blankets, which will be ideal when you’re settling down to watch a film with a selection of snuggly materials to sink down into!

The Right Lighting

The lighting within your home is different in every room, and this is because each room needs to have a different atmosphere and tone. You often find that bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens have bright, white lighting, whereas living spaces, bedrooms and offices have warmer, yellow toned lighting that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Having the right lighting in each room will help you create the perfect atmosphere and keep your interiors balanced. When it comes to the kitchen, however, you can invest in some dimmed lighting that enables you to control the brightness of the lights, enabling you to have it bright and bold throughout the day, and then tone it down to a warm, relaxing look for the evenings.

Add Candles

One of the easiest ways to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere within your home is simply adding candles. Candles are the perfect go-to when it comes to any kind of comfort, with beautiful scents and a magical glow, candles are ideal for any room. Fresh candles with a floral scent are ideal for the bathroom, giving it an invitingly fresh, bright feel. Similarly, adding a candle that smells of vanilla, cinnamon and jasmine would work really well in living areas, or the bedroom. Lavender scented candles are ideal for the bedroom, as they provide you with a relaxing, soothing scent that will help with sleep as well as settling you down for a cosy night. With candles glowing beautifully on your oak bookcase in the living room, you and your family will be able to settle down to relax with a fun board game or to watch a family film.

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