Three Ways to Add Wrought Iron to Your Garden

A well-designed garden is a balance of natural and manmade elements. Plants, rocks, art, and structures can all be incorporated into your landscaping. With a good design, you can enjoy your garden all year long. One of the most graceful materials you can use in your garden is wrought iron. Iron metal art and furniture not only lends an artistic flair to your garden, but its naturally strong and durable, standing up to the elements. Whatever the size and character of your garden, you can enjoy the look of this metal in your landscaping.


The easiest way to enjoy iron in your backyard is to get a small piece of art. You can choose metal flowers, birds, or lamps. These pieces are often wrought in a traditional style, adding an old-fashioned charm to any garden. If classic is your style, look for art that mimics the organic shapes and lines of a garden’s natural elements. Grape vines, baskets of flowers, or foliage are commonly seen in this type of art.

While traditional pieces remain popular, you can also find lots of designs with a more modern or rustic character. For art with a modern appearance, look for pieces with sleek lines and simple shapes. Modern art can give your garden an uncluttered, calm look. Rustic art often combines several materials, such as metal, stone, and wood. As it ages, itcan blend with the natural elements of your landscape.


Outdoor iron furniture is a great choicebecause itcan endureboth warm and cold weather. In summer, you can add cushions for more comfort. In winter, you may choose to leave your furniture outside, or you can store it. Because this type offurniture is so decorative, it can add visual interest to a dormant winter landscape. Some of the most striking iron furniture comes in the elaborate curves and curls of traditional designs, but there’s no shortage of furniture that appeals to other aesthetics. Metal is versatile and can be worked into a huge variety of shapes.


If you’re ready to go bigger with your wrought iron pieces, consider an arch or trestle. Arches delineate a path or section of your garden, and a trestle is a sturdy structure capable of supporting heavy climbing plants. Both structures look good even when plants die back during winter. For more impressivelarger pieces, consider an ironbridge, gazebo, or deck.

Try some of these tips to prepare your garden for summer and long evenings ahead.

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