The Easier Way to Handle Furniture

There may be ongoing debate about who exactly invented the wheel, but the benefits of casters in moving heavy furniture are undeniable. Much like the wheels on an automobile, casters allow the easy movement of a lot of weight with little to no effort. Below are only a few of the positive aspects of adding casters to your home and office furnishings.

No More Back Strains

Nearly anyone can recall the days following a serious move. Loading beds, couches and chairs into moving vans leads to pulls and strains of muscles in the back. Simply rearranging the living room furniture can cause ongoing nagging back strains. Eliminate this by adding casters from the wide selection of sizes and styles with Access Casters.

Save Time Moving Furniture

Having all of the heavy furniture on casters will make moving items fast and efficient. It will provide less strain on your schedule to move things anytime you feel the need. Choose from styles that are low-profile, complete or one-direction locking. This means that the items will stay right where you need them to.

One Person Can Rearrange the Whole Home or Office 

The addition of casters to furnishings eliminate the need for hiring or persuading extra help to show up and rearrange the home or office. Everything can be done within minutes by one person. This means you can feel more comfortable about experimenting with placing furniture in different areas until you get the look you desire.

Make Cleaning a Breeze

Imagine how easy spring cleaning will be this year with the benefit of having all heavy furniture on casters from Access Casters. Deep cleaning has never been easier than being able to move a large couch, dresser or desk with no additional assistance. A simple push and shove will give you full access to dust baseboards, vacuum or shampoo carpeting.

Perfect Solution for Product Displays

Casters from Access Casters are a great addition to display shelves and heavy items in any type of business setting. It is the perfect solution for any business that has to move large and bulky items frequently. It will save on labor costs and potential injuries. 

Installing furniture casters is an inexpensive way to make your life easier and more comfortable. Moving heavy furniture may not be a necessity on a daily basis, but making it a project that can be done quickly and painlessly is important. Check out the selection today!

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