Style Tips For Your Garden Shed

Winter may not be considered an ideal time for gardening, but this period gives green-fingered individuals the chance to get their outdoor areas in perfect order in preparation for the new year.

A shed is a great addition to any space outside, giving avid gardeners the ideal place to store tools and other essentials that are regularly used in the garden. However, it can often be difficult to make this structure fit in with the rest of the space.

With Christmas on the way, it’s likely some individuals will receive a gardening tool or two from their loved ones as gifts, so having a place to keep them is necessary. Read on for more information on how to ensure your shed looks the part just in time for 2014.

Use your imagination

An eye-catching garden shed is more than a way of freeing your outdoor space of clutter. It can also create a much-needed workspace, or provide a setting for beloved plants, with some gardeners even using it as a place to entertain friends.

Use your imagination when making the style of your shed fit in with the rest of your garden. Think rustic colours and quirky decor for something that little bit different.

Cottage feel

Transform your garden shed into a serene location by adopting a theme that oozes cottage charm. Go for architectural details such as a scalloped fascia and clapboard siding, as well as window boxes. Inside, add lace curtains for a more authentic feel and top it off with a weather vane on top to make it the perfect garden focal point.

Add whimsical sculptures and winding flowers to set the tone for this tranquil space, while fanciful frills add a playful touch to the otherwise hardened structure.

Consider all angles

Discover new and exciting ways to incorporate your shed into your garden’s landscape. This can be achieved in a whole manner of ways, including adding a steeply-pitched roofline on a standard shed, which echoes shapes created by triangular raised beds and a birdhouse.

The position of your shed is an important factor to consider before erecting it – as this decision could change the appearance of your whole garden.

Antique styles

The antique look is one that has dominated interior design for several years Рso why not transfer this in-demand look to your outdoor space? Wooden sheds that are intentionally weathered look dramatic and add a statement to otherwise plain gardens.

Rustic is another buzzword that creates atmosphere in a back yard. Peeled hemlock porch columns, pine siding and a durable metal roof can turn any shed into a warm and inviting retreat that is perfect for relaxing or doing chores.

Historical influences

Step back in time when it comes to designing your perfect shed, taking inspiration from Tudor architecture. A steep faux-slate roof and porch gable can help you to create this sought-after look, while adding finishing touches such as metal false door hinges are in keeping with the historical references.


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