Sorting Your Stuff: Stylish Storage Solutions for Every Room

There are always things that you need to store in every room and the bathroom for example, is always a difficult balance, between practical storage solutions and not detracting from the beauty and elegance of the room.

There are plenty of attractive storage options and accessories available from places like and if you get it right, you should be able to keep everything you need to hand but without the clutter.

Make the most of your space

It might seem blindingly obvious advice to make the most out of the space you have available in each of your rooms but you will be surprised just how many solutions are overlooked, especially making the most of corners.

Empty corners or awkward spaces are a good place to start, as they are often perfect places to target for creating some extra storage space.

If you look around you will often be able to find a corner cabinet or shelves which will happily tuck away into these dark and forgotten corners of your home, giving you an opportunity to store away some items you don’t want on display, or alternatively, create a decorative display corner.

Creating extra storage places

Another place in your home that is often under-utilized, is the space between a door or window frame and your ceiling space.

Take a look at these spaces in your home and see whether there are some rooms where you can add either an addition shelf or two or maybe a horizontal cabinet. You can find some nice decorative baskets for the shelves and this extra space is idea for storage baskets containing items you don’t use very often.

Under the table

Another sneaky storage option which can turn into a decorative feature is to add a chic skirt under a counter to decorate a table and hide away what you can now store underneath.

Providing an additional element of décor in this way, instantly creates a welcome storage area for any items that you don’t want in view but want to hand as you use them on a regular basis.

Don’t skirt around the issue, instead, use one to create an instant and attractive storage solution.

Kids and clutter

Your little ones are far too busy having a good time to think about the clutter they are creating throughout the house on a daily basis.

To make the task of cleaning up after your children a bit more manageable, try to add some storage solutions which are appropriate for the spaces they play in.

There are lots of items you can re-purpose which actually make great storage options, such as wall-mounted planters, which are just perfect for clearing debris from the floor and you might even be able to get the kids to use them themselves!

You could also easily paint some old fruit crates so that they match your color scheme and these make a great storage solution for all of those crayons, toys and numerous other items that need to be swept up off the floor at the end of the day.

When you start to think about the space you have, you will almost certainly be able to come up with a stylish storage solution for every room.

Aimee Collins is a new homeowner who is currently revamping her property. Full of ideas and inspiration she is using blogging as a way to clear her mind of an evening once she has laid the paintbrush down!

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