Renovating your house on a budget

  1. Living room

Your living room is probably the room you spend most of your time in, so it’s worth spending a little extra on this room. Even so, you don’t have to go crazy; a new set of blinds and curtains can help to freshen up a window, and a quick colour change with a lick of paint can do wonders. Instead of stressing about having to have everything matching, consider going for a quirkier theme; bring in items that reflect your personality and your likes. A book cabinet can add a homely touch to a living room, as can an old-fashioned (but relatively cheap) plug in electrical fire. For new furniture that’s a little different, surf the web for auction and pre-loved sites that offer quality furniture. You could even have a go at restoring it.


  1. Kitchen

If the price of a new kitchen makes your eyes water, fear not; it’s still possible to give your kitchen a glam up-do without having to fork out a hefty sum. Restoration is a big thing at the moment, and companies will come out to your home to help restore dingy old cupboards and restore them to their former glory. You will have to be careful with this though as some companies charge as much for this service as they would for a new kitchen; a good idea is to research how to restore your worktops and cupboards yourselves and start your own restoration project. New tiles around the kitchen and a new lick of bright paint is another great way to inject some life into a drab kitchen. A couple of new appliances can also help to change and lift the appearance of a kitchen, particularly if you’re swapping your grungy white washer for something modern.


  1. Bedroom

If you’re on a tight budget, your bedroom may be the last room you consider giving a makeover; after all, who really sees it other than you? The point to doing up your bedroom, though, is to create a space that’s ideal for you – a space that’s comfortable and relaxing and will help you wind down.. Vintage trends are still in fashion, and they’re great to emulate if you’re on a budget; vintage doesn’t have to match perfectly, and mismatched items often create more of a vintage, traditional feel than expertly picked and artfully organised matching sets.


  1. Bathroom

Getting a new bathroom can be expensive; if your bathroom appliances are still in good order, it’s a good idea to try to bear with them and change around the bathroom, if they aren’t and you’re working a tight budget, sites like Better Bathrooms could be the more affordable option. It’s not common for bathrooms to be wallpapered these days – the trend at the moment seems to be for paint, tiles and cladding – but there are so many styles of bathroom wallpapers on hand that it would be silly to not give them a thought. A bright, eye-catching pattern on the wall can avert the gaze from time-worn appliances and wallpaper is considerably cheaper and easier to put up than tiles. If you’re dissatisfied with your shower or bath, instead of swapping them out completely, think about improving them; invest in a power shower if you’re unhappy with the water pressure, and a new shower head if you feel like you’re being dripped on every time you wash. If your bath is set in place, consider replacing the cladding, swapping the existing for something patterned and fresh.

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