Making More Space In Your Garage

The garage seems like a great place to store items until you slowly but surely fill the garage with so much stuff that you have no more storage room. But all is not lost as there are plenty of ways to make space in your garage and still leave room for the cars too.


Overhead storage cabinets can be excellent ways to improve the decor of your garage and open up more storage space. You can invest in some attractive but durable cabinets that will allow you to get items off the floor and out of the way. Be sure to put your cabinets slight higher than eye level to make it easier to access them.

Peg Board

A peg board is a sheet of wood with holes in it that is used to hang tools and other items. You can buy a package of hooks and other storage items that conveniently fit into the pegs and make plenty of valuable storage. The best part about a peg board is that it can easily be rearranged into any storage formation you want.

Attic Storage

While your garage may not exactly have an attic, it still has plenty of space between the support beams and the peak of the roof. You can finish that space by putting in a plywood floor, or you can use the support beams as they are for storage of materials and tools. Long pieces of wood, landscaping tools with extended handles and fishing poles will all fit perfectly in the area of your garage that would normally be an attic.

Plastic Closets

Plastic closets are stand-up storage compartments made of durable plastic that can be used to free up more floor space in your garage. You can buy these as stand alone units, or you can buy them in components that can be put together in any layout you wish.

Your garage can be a great place to store items, but only if you have the right kind of storage devices in place. Take advantage of the space in your garage by utilizing cabinets and other storage items to free up floor space and maximize your garage.


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