How to Use Mirrors to Increase the Sense of Space in Your Decor

Mirrors are not just decorative they’re also vital tools for increasing the sense of space in any of your rooms. This tried-and-true interior design hack has stood the test of time because it works in virtually every room and compliment any interior design style from modern to shabby chic. And while it may be easy to choose where to place a mirror for functionality, knowing where to place mirrors in your home in order to increase the sense of space can be tricky. Here’s a list of tips and tricks of where to place mirrors in your home in order to create space and what mirrors to use.


Floor Length

While we would all like to have living spaces that have ridiculously high ceilings, this is not possible for many of us. Floor length mirrors, naturally draw the eye upward, which not only gives a room a sense of depth but also make it feel taller. Full-length mirrors look fantastic either framed or unframed depending on the aesthetic of your decor. For example, in a living room that has a shabby chic theme, try adding a full-length mirror with a tattered or weathered varnish on its frame and leaning it up against the wall of your choosing rather than mounting it. Both of these subtle touches will add to the fashionably undone appeal of your decor.

In the Kitchen

Whether you add a mirror above your stove, to your backsplash or both, adding mirrors to your kitchen’s decor is a fun and functional way to change the look this space. Adding a mirror just above the stove brightens up an otherwise dark part of your home and makes it easier for you to see when you are cooking. Placing mirrors on your backsplash is a great way to accentuate your under counter lighting. In addition, having a mirrored backsplash can make it possible to forgo under counter lighting altogether and use natural light throughout your kitchen.

Accent Wall

Adding a grouping of mirrors to an accent wall not only add depth and dimension to your space, but can also serve as a decorative piece of wall art. For example, a grouping of mirrors of all different sizes, shapes and frame designs can be quite eye-catching, particularly if all the frames are similar in color.

Across from Windows

Most people’s ideal small space is one that has a lot of windows. However, this is not always possible. Placing mirrors across from windows adds a lot of natural light to a small space, this makes them brighter, more inviting and creates the illusion of the space having more windows it actually does.

One of the best things about adding mirrors to your home decor is that there are many places where you can purchase mirrors that are relatively inexpensive. One great location to find accent mirrors and much more is

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