How to Organise Your Belongings for a House Move

Moving house is sure to be stressful but it doesn’t have to turn into a nightmare. Moving home can also be one of the positive experiences of your life, but it does require a little organisation and planning to make things go smoothly. One of the ways you can ensure a less stressful move is to make sure you are organised and ready to pack your belongings. Once you have a system in place and you have all the things you need, you can pack quickly and efficiently. Here’s what to focus on when you know you’re ready to move.

Work Out What Packing Materials You Need

If you are moving yourself with the help of a van service like the one available from you need to know how many boxes you need, what type of boxes, and the type of packaging materials you need to keep your belongings safe. Purchase or find boxes so that you are not rushing around looking for them at the last minute. Make sure you have enough tape and the all-important coloured markers to label boxes for the move.

Declutter First

There is very little point in packing items you never use, which will only take up space in the van and space in your new home. Moving house gives you the ideal opportunity to declutter and get rid of the things you don’t want or need. If it is not useful or beautiful, donate it or recycle it. You may also be able to make some money for your move by selling more valuable items that you do not use.


Store Larger Items

If you know that you will be using larger items in the future, consider putting them into storage. These items include seasonal things like camping equipment or ski equipment, sports equipment, or patio furniture. Consider how much space you will have in your new place and whether storage is a good option. If you have large items that you no longer want you can arrange for the council to take them away, or visit your local tip.

Pack Your Non-Essential Items

Go around the house and pack the books, seasonal clothing, ornaments, and other items you do not need on a day to day basis. Pack them now to get them out of the way. Make sure the boxes are labelled and you have a chart that shows you what is in each box, in case for some reason you have to find something before you move.

Dismantle Larger Pieces of Furniture

If you can dismantle and then put together pieces of furniture then do so, as this will save space in the van. Make sure you have the tools and the screws attached to each piece of furniture, so they are able to be reassembled easily.


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