How to Handle Common rug Problems

As with anything in your home, you’re bound to notice some telltale signs of wear and tear over the years. Whether it be that cursed red wine stain or an irritating thread pull, your rugs will undoubtedly need a little TLC from time to time. Here is a handy list on how to deal with all of those little annoying imperfections that can appear on your beautiful rug.

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Whether you just catch the edge or you have pets who like to chew, pulls can be just as annoying on your rug as they are on your clothes. As with clothes, just carefully cut the pull away. The worst thing you can do with any material is to pull as a loose thread. This can cause unravelling which will only cause further damage.


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You might feel as though you’ve stepped back in time, but giving your rug a good beating outside is the best way to rid it of any build up of dust. It’s important to do this every few months or so to make sure that your rug not only looks good, but is as hygienic as possible too. This is especially as important if you have kids who will likely spend a lot of time playing on the floor. Dust build up can also mean trapped allergens, which can cause irritation if family members have allergies.


Spilled wine on white carpet

Nothing give you a more heart stopping moment then when you see something spill all over your rug. Food and drink stains in particular are difficult to deal with, especially if you have a lighter coloured rug. Luckily, taking the correct steps as soon as the spill happens can stop any long-term staining from occurring. It’s important to blot to affected area rather than scrub it. Scrubbing the area can just push the stain further in the fibres of the rug. Also, use room temperature water to initially wipe the stain. Hot water can intensify the pigments of whatever the stain is. Finish by using some rug or carpet shampoo to lift the residue completely. Always test any products on a patch from the underside of your rug. This means that if the product reacts badly to your rug, only the hidden test patch will be damaged.

There you have it, some quick ways to keep your rug looking and feeling like new for longer. It is important however to always read the manufacturers guide when you buy a new rug. This is where you will find all of the best care information for your specific rug. Other than that, regular upkeep like hoovering and occasionally shampooing should be enough to maintain your rugs general appearance.

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