How To Get Things Done Around The House – 5 Great Tips

Do you feel like you simply never have enough time to complete chores in the home? Do you find yourself regularly fantasising about decluttering the closet, clearing out the spare room, fixing the garden gate, hanging shelving that you bought months back or reducing the pile of ironing to zero but never following through? If so, you need to rethink your strategy for getting things done around the house. Where you live in an environment that you’re not completely happy with, that feels uncomfortable or cluttered, it can really bring down the atmosphere in the home. There simply isn’t a positive aura about the place.

Make your New Year’s Resolution to establish a routine whereby you get things done around the house and can rest easy in your home, enjoying your surroundings. To help you on your way, here’s 5 great tips that you can implement and action now.

  1. Get in a habit of making lists

Keep a visible list pinned to a noticeboard or written on a whiteboard or blackboard in your home of the tasks that need addressing. This will serve as a constant reminder of what tasks need addressing and create a clear picture of who is responsible for which tasks. It’s a pretty rewarding feeling as you cross tasks off the list and getting the tasks on paper rather than stuck in your head allows your brain to better wrap yourself around the tasks at hand.

  1. Delegate Tasks To Others

Where possible, delegate tasks to others. Sometimes it’s just not possible to tackle everything yourself, especially if juggling family, work and other life commitments. If you have kids, you can even get them on board to tackle some chores around the home. They will love the feeling of being delegated responsibility. Don’t be afraid to hire a local handyman to tackle some DIY tasks. The likelihood is that as much as you would love to tackle a DIY project yourself, you may never get around to completing it.

  1. Talk Yourself Through The Tasks

Sometimes tasks or projects that you wish to complete around the home can seem like a much bigger undertaking than they actually are. Talk yourself through the tasks and plan your approach. Visualise how it will feel or how your home will feel once the tasks or project is completed and put a positive spin on things.

  1. Set Times & Dates

Just like you would set an appointment to get a haircut or visit a dentist, set times and dates for completing household tasks and chores. Putting a schedule in place can put a structure on your list of tasks. You would keep to an appointment with a dentist or hairdresser so treat your “appointments” to complete household tasks in the same way.

  1. Prioritise Tasks

Always start with the most pressing and urgent tasks – not the ones you would find easiest or most enjoyable to complete. In doing, you’ll lift a weight off your shoulders as the most important tasks which may be more difficult to tackle won’t be looming over your head.

There you have it – 5 great tips to form the base of your planning to get things done around the house easily and more effectively. Now it’s your turn to start putting these tips into practice.

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