How to extend your internet to your garage

Concrete garages are extremely versatile structures. When properly insulated they are very comfortable and can be used for many purposes. This is why they are often converted to be used for something else other than storing cars. One of the most common conversions that takes place is the converting of a garage into a home office. In fact, there are a few huge organisations that can trace their roots to the humble garage.

Usually most home owners will have a garage, or at least know somebody who doesn’t use theirs. This is why they are often used as offices: the rent is cheap. However, in this modern age the internet is imperative for anything we do. But often it can be tricky to get a good internet signal in the garage. At best there is a couple of walls blocking the signal, at worst the garage is at the other end of the garden 20 feet away.

Thankfully technology developers are aware of this, and have developed technology to boost internet signals. Using one of the below methods there is no reason why you couldn’t have super speedy broadband in your brand new office garage.

The most effective way of ensuring a solid internet signal in your garage is to physically lay a cable. This will provide a quick and stable internet connection that can be depended on. However, to do this will obviously require an amount of building work, which you may or may not be willing to do.

The next and perhaps simpler, though not as effective option, is to get a signal boosting device. Such as one of these. They basically boost your internet signal so they are stronger at a greater distance. However, physical things such as walls will still have an effect on the signal, so strategic placement of the device may be necessary. Also, if your signal reaches further then it may be easier for other people to hook up to it, so please ensure that your security is set up properly.

The last method could potentially be quite costly, but is undoubtedly effective. You can use your smart phone as an internet hotspot. Most smart phones have a function which enables computers and laptops to hook up to your mobile network’s internet signal. These signals are often very strong and provide a good internet connection. However, it is easy to use up your allotted free data very quickly, and buying more can be costly, so keep an eye on how much you are using.

If you do not have a garage yet and are planning on building one for the sole purpose of using it as an office then a decent concrete garage provider will be able to assemble one with all the necessary electronics and cabling you need to have a fully functioning office, with a strong internet connection, from the get go.

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