How to Choose the Right Doors for Your Home

Homes need doors. External doors keep your home secure and internal doors provide privacy and a barrier between one room and another. In most cases, your home will already have doors, but it’s not a big job to replace existing doors with new ones. There are many different designs to choose from, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of door available.


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Exterior Doors

Exterior doors need to be robust, weatherproof, and secure. Timber doors are the most popular choice, but wood needs to be well looked after or it will soon begin to suffer from the elements.

Composite plastic doors are popular in some countries. These doors are safe, secure and weather resistant. You can even buy composite doors in a range of different colors, which saves you from having to paint your front door every three or four years.

Glazed doors are another option, especially at the rear or side of a property. As long as the door has a quality locking system, it should be no less secure than a standard door.

Internal Doors

Contemporary doors can be panel doors, sliding doors, flush doors, bi-fold doors, French doors and pocket doors.

Panel doors are the most common style of door in a modern home. Cheaper hollow panel doors are made from ply finished with a thin layer of wood. These doors are lightweight and perfect if you are on a budget. They can be painted and withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear.

Solid wood doors made from pine or oak are more expensive and heavier, but more robust. Solid wood doors can be painted, but they look attractive when varnished, stained or waxed, as this accentuates the natural grain of the wood. Solid wood doors offer better insulation and thanks to their noise-insulating properties, are a good choice if you have children at home.

Panel doors are the most popular, but if you are short on space, a bi-folding door or sliding door is a better choice. Both of these styles require little room for opening and closing, but you have the option of purchasing lightweight panel doors or solid wood designs.

Glazed Internal Doors

Glazed doors open up a room and allow the light to pour in. Many people hang glazed doors between a corridor without a window and an adjacent room. If privacy is a concern, you can buy frosted glass glazed doors. Always make sure any glazing is made from safety glass, as ordinary glass is not suitable for doors.

Furniture Doors

Sliding doors and bi-folding doors are a nice design touch for cupboards, closets and wardrobes. They take up less space and work well in smaller rooms. Mirrored doors are great for bedrooms and closets, as you can check out your look in the mirror. Mirrors also make a small room feel larger.

Hanging doors is a difficult task, so hire a joiner to do the job, or your doors might not hang straight or fit properly in the frame.

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