How To Choose A Really Good Air Conditioner

Summer is right round the corner and if you know that the weather is going to be really hot where you live, you may want to think about buying an air conditioner. The choice is normally done simply by looking at prices. That is not a good approach. If you choose a really cheap air conditioner it is possible to be faced with so many problems. For instance, you may have to repair air conditioner; leaking water is a common problem. Also, there is a pretty good possibility you will pay a lot on the long run on utility bills. If you want to choose a great AC unit, always consider the following.


You have to consider AC unit capacity based on floor size. It is a little difficult to offer proper indications since other factors will have to be taken into account. However, if the area is around 120 to 140 square feet, the air conditioner should have a 1 ton cooling capacity.

Energy Efficiency Rating

Mercury levels are going up and electricity tariffs are more expensive. That is why you should always think about buying an energy level that is as energy efficient as possible. An AC unit always comes with an energy efficiency rating. Although this system differs from one country to the next, the higher the rating, the better the buy and less energy will be consumed.


Obviously, you will want to think about price. As already mentioned, going for the really cheap model is a very bad idea since it can easily lead to buying something of a very bad quality. Keep in mind that every single item included in the AC unit will have an impact on price. Be sure you think about this when you see what unit to buy.

Indoor Air Quality

This is one of the factors that few homeowners take into account. Indoor air quality stands out as being vital. The AC units that will have very good filters will be particularly important when air quality present is not that high. Great filters basically guarantee that air is kept clean while enhancing energy efficiency and cooling performance since evaporator coil choke is prevented.

The Installation Requirements

Some of the simple air conditioners can be installed by practically anyone. You just need to be a little handy at DIY projects and follow the indications offered. However, other systems are more difficult to install and you will need to pay a professional to take care of this. It is quite common to see people spend all their money on the air conditioner without thinking about potential installation costs. Make sure you do not make this mistake.

Cooling Speed

Last but not least, consider buying only the models with a thermostat that has a minimum of 2 fan speeds. You want to be sure that you can control cooling speed in order to reduce electricity bills and to be able to feel comfortable when at home. Also, consider all the extra features as some of them may be really useful for you.

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