How to Add Southwestern Flair to Your Home

The earthy look of Southwestern patterns and colors of area rugs can transform the interior of your home without spending a ton of money. Roth Rugs offers you a wide selection that gives you flexibility in color, design, and Southwest pattern choices.

Entryway Rugs

Your entryway is the first area that greets your family and guests as they arrive. Making this part express your taste in style is easier using a Southwestern design from Roth Rugs The durable, water-resistant surface is perfect for the entry and allows for less dirt and water to be tracked into your home. It serves a dual purpose in function and style.

Dining Area Rugs

You can add Native American flair to your dining area with a colorful Southwestern style rug that is patterned after real indigenous artist renditions of known relics. Combine the pattern of your choice with the colors that match your decor and it’s a winning combination.

Bathroom Rugs

You can spice up your bathroom decor with a bold Southwestern design, offering an attractive update to standard tile flooring. You can enjoy the plush cushion of Roth Rugs that will repel water and last for years. Each rug is made to retain the vibrant colors and great looks, even with daily use.

Sunroom Rugs

Pick from larger rugs that cover areas that are more open like sunrooms. The rugs are easy to care for and you can pick the level of plush comfort you desire. It can make a four-season room feel cozy during the coldest months. The Southwestern design gives you a wider range of possibilities for completely renovating the look of your room.

Den, Family, and Living Room Rugs

Other large open area rooms like living rooms, dens, and family entertainment are the perfect spot to place lodge style rugs that offer expansive floor coverage. It’s the perfect type of rug to protect sensitive flooring like hardwoods from heavy foot traffic.

Choose By Size, Color, and Pattern

You can choose all styles of rugs, including lodge style rugs at affordable prices with Roth Rugs. You can choose the perfect size, color combination, and Southwestern design to compliment your current decor.

Whether you need quality rugs to help protect your current flooring or just want to make a bright fashion statement, Southwestern design rugs from Roth Rugs offer some of the most durable on the market. Find your perfect rug accent today.


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