How deep can you go when digging in your yard?

There are various reasons why you may want to dig in your yard, including simply digging holes to plant shrubs and bushes. If you want to dig deeper, in order to build or make changes to your yard space, you need to think carefully about what you are doing. Remember, that you can only see what is above ground. This does not mean that there are not structures underground that could cause you problems if you encounter them when you are digging.

You need to consider what is under ground as part of your planning process before you start digging. The best way of doing this is to have utility locating carried out. This is a professional service which helps you to see what is under your yard. We are going to take a look at what problems you can encounter if you do not locate utility pipes before you begin your project. We are also going to explain exactly what results you can get from utility location.

Why should you always locate utility pipes before you dig?

You should never just assume that you are not digging deep enough to encounter utility pipes. If you are digging to any significant depth in your yard you should have utility location carried out. This prevents you from accidently striking a utility pipe while you are digging.

If you hit a water pipe then you run the risk of flooding your yard. The situation can be even worse if you hit a gas main. Gas is extremely dangerous if it escapes and there is the potential for explosion. If you are ever in a situation where there is a gas leak you should make sure you get as far away from the leak as possible before you contact the utility company emergency services.

You can see the possible implications of not knowing where your utility pipes are before you start to dig. So, how can utility location help?

What results can you get from utility location?

If you hire a professional to carry out utility location work in your yard they can tell you the exact location of items such as water pipes, gas mains and electricity cables. This means that you are aware of any potential obstacles before you start and can factor this information into the plans for your digging project.

You can see the benefits of having all of this information to hand. It helps to protect you from potential danger and saves you from spending more time and money on your project than is absolutely necessary.

Unless you are digging to a normal depth in your yard you should find out what is under the ground before you start. A normal depth is considered to be that which is required to plant shrubs and bushes. If you intend to dig any deeper than this it’s worth having utility location carried out in order to avoid potential issues as the project progresses.

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