How About Using Vertical Blinds Instead of Building Partitions?

Usually, when people want to divide their existing space, they will build a new partition wall. This is a great way to create a brand new room. The problem is, however, that you create a permanent division that is very hard to remove at a later stage. Additionally, it is a very expensive venture. Plus, it is likely that you will need various permits, because you need to include electricity and perhaps even plumbing. Looking at it that way, it would be interesting to find a different solution for partitioning a room. One such solution is to use vertical blinds. This gives you the opportunity to create something temporary, even in terms of a daily basis, since you can lower and raise them. Plus, you don’t need any permits or even qualified construction workers to come into your home.

Examples of Partitions

The idea of using vertical blinds as partitions actually comes from large office spaces. They often have a huge meeting room that can be divided into several separate spaces using concertina walls. While this is a great idea, it doesn’t look very nice at all. Plus, opening and closing the concertinas is a lot of work, as well as being noisy. Furthermore, because these concertinas are made of aluminum, they don’t insulate very well at all. Clearly, they are not a very good solution for domestic properties.

Using Vertical Blinds as Partitions

When you install vertical blinds onto your ceiling, you can create different types of partitions in your home. If you install a few of them, you also have the opportunity to lower and raise different ones, thereby creating a unique effect each time you use them. You can choose materials and colors that fit with your overall interior design. Most importantly, however, you will be creating a truly unique look that you don’t see anywhere else. In a way, their inspiration comes from the old divider screens that are still seen in many Japanese homes and that were used in the past for people to undress behind in privacy. This same effect can be achieved using modern tools and materials.

Of course, you do have to remember that you will have to install these blinds properly. Technically, vertical blinds are not designed to be installed on a ceiling, and they are not designed to be installed very closely together. You will usually be left with at least a small piece of open space at the place where two blinds will join. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to have blinds custom made to your specific needs, although this will cost a little bit more.

Using vertical blinds as a partitioning device is a great idea in various locations in your home. Perhaps you have built in wardrobes that you have grown tired of, for instance. All you really need to do then is hang vertical blinds in front of them, and you will create a whole new look in your room.

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