Home Window Repair Tips for Homeowners

Replacing your leadlight windows can get expensive, both in terms of monetary values and sentimental values. Read ahead on getting your leadlight windows repairs and restoration tips. Keep in mind that it may be simpler and less expensive to ask a company such as Caulfield Leadlight to take care of it for you.

  • Replace individual panes of glass. This is easier than replacing whole sections or the entire frame, and is necessary to avoid losing value on the whole piece.
    • The craftsmen will highlight and then score the piece to be removed, and then glue the new glass in place.
    • The new pieces can be matched to the existing glass, as if a repair was never needed.
  • Rebuild the frame or grouting around the window to give it a new appearance.
    • This is a simpler project but care must be taken not to break the glass. Professional companies can easily take care of this and the finished project is well worth the cost.
  • Restore damaged sections.
    • Companies such as Caulfield Leadlight can aid in renovating damaged materials.
    • One of the methods for this is polishing. Use an agent and polish until the blemish is gone, but it will not remove all the imperfections.
    • This can be done without removing the whole frame.
    • If the frame does need to be removed, use a piece of wood for support.
  • When all else fails, call a professional such as Caulfield Leadlight. The company provides many years of experience in leadlight window restoration and can aid in the above projects.
    • Caulfield Leadlight’s projects employ traditional methods.
    • The company also provides quality work.
    • Their craftsmen can work on site without removing the windowor can safely remove it and take it to their workshop.

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