Home Design 101: The Benefits of Resin Bonded Paving

When it comes to designing the outdoor areas of your home, normally there is only one type of paving that comes to mind – concrete paving. This is completely understandable, as this type of surface has been a part of modern home design since its inception, making it the most comfortable choice. However, did you know there are alternatives out there that you might not have considered?

For example, there is such a thing as permeable paving which makes use of resin rather than concrete. There are plenty of ways in which this type of paving can be used, as it’s a good deal more flexible than its concrete counterpart. This is just one of the reasons why services such as Sureset Patio & Paving see so much business when it comes to resin bonded surfaces. Here are just a few benefits of using resin bonded paving that just might convince you to give it a try!

It provides natural drainage

Considering the fact that your driveway will be made entirely from either permeable or concrete paving, there are few things worse than having to deal with large puddles filling up the driveway as you pull into it. Concrete paving doesn’t have anything to deal with water filtration, but permeable resin bonded paving tends to have a natural filtration system that allows water to seep through.

It’s a cost-effective system

Concrete paving can be difficult to clean and maintain because it requires a good deal of effort to do so. Resin bonded paving, on the other hand, doesn’t require too much maintenance thanks to the way it’s able to filter water through the rocks and the way it can handle certain types of weather. Thanks in large part to this feature, the only thing you need to do is a bit of sweeping and everything will be good as new. The fact that it’s easier to maintain overall makes it a cost-effective solution.

It’s an incredibly durable solution

Resin bonded paving, more so than concrete paving, is capable of taking a beating as far as extreme weather is concerned. Whether blistering sun or heavy rain, you can expect that this type of paving will last no matter the situation, or length of exposure. Even better is the fact that the materials used are both natural as well as sustainable, so even if something does happen you can easily deal with any issues.

To conclude, permeable resin bonded paving has benefits that far outweigh the possible side-effects. Compared to concrete paving it’s quite easy to maintain, it’s cost-effective and it’s a very hard and long-lasting solution. You definitely will not be disappointed with what resin bonded paving can do for your home. You can also design it however you wish, as it makes use of smaller stones bonded on top of resin to complete the look. This opens up many different design options that you can choose from!


Image: Pixabay.com



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