Five Musts for the Contemporary Bathroom

 Most men my age leave the responsibility of redesigning their homes to the wife. It either doesn’t interest them or perhaps they just know better than to get involved. Some brave few go as far as planning their ‘Man Cave’, but that’s about it. I’m not your typical sort of chap when it comes to home design, much to the chagrin of the missus.


So when the time came to redesign our en suite I jumped right in with a list of demands. What follows are my five things I insisted (read: pleaded) that we include.


Walk In Shower


We just about had the space for one but our house’s previous occupant planned poorly and didn’t do his homework. There are plenty of space-saving solutions for your bathroom, and with some research we found we could fit a walk in shower enclosure into the corner of the room to accentuate the modern and minimalist design we wanted.


LED Shower Head


Okay, I’ll admit it. As soon as I saw these it was love at first sight. I don’t know if this appeals to my love of sci-fi or my child-like sense of wonder and amazement but an LED shower head is pretty cool in my book. After some initial scepticism from the other half, I managed to talk her round by telling her that not only do they look pretty, but the LEDs change colour depending on the temperature of the water. I feel like this is what showering aboard the Starship Enterprise must have been like.


Contemporary Mixer Tap


I don’t know if any of you out there are like me, but I detest having a hot and cold tap. Maybe it’s because I live out in the country up north and it gets really cold, but when it comes to performing my bathroom hygiene rituals the water from the cold tap is ice cold but the water from the hot tap inflicts third-degree burns. There is no middle ground. A mixer tap with a modern twist was high up on the list, and not only does it look the part but I can choose the ideal temperature. It sounds simple, but it’s the little things in life.


Stylish & Practical Radiator


Our bathroom is a good size, but we still needed to plan properly and couldn’t completely sacrifice style for substance. Fortunately when it came to heating the room we didn’t have to. We looked around and found a heated towel rail that would take up less horizontal wall space so we had space for other fittings. The fact that it matched the motif and was designed to dry our towels at the same time was an added bonus. In the end we opted for an electric heated towel rail instead of a radiator powered through the central heating.


Huge Basin


My final demand was for a big basin for the mixer tap to be affixed to. Our previous basin was just too small and when you have big hands like me it is a constant source of frustration trying to fit your sausage fingers under the running water. We were fortunate that we had managed to save space with other fittings, so we opted for the largest counter top stone basin we could find and we couldn’t be happier with it.

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