Deciding Whether You need Both an Architect and an Interior Designer

The planning process for building a new home will require a team of professionals in design and execution. Often there is confusion between the need for an architect and an interior designer. For a new build, do you need to hire an architect more than an interior designer? Or should you hire both?

It is true that interior designers do have some basic knowledge about architecture principles in the same way that architects are also trained in aspects of design. It is important to differentiate each of these professions so that you decide how to better appropriate your budget for building a new home.

What is the function of an architect?

Architects have the primary function of realising the design of an entire building. It can be anything from a home, a hospital, a commercial building or a church. By coming up with the dimensions required for each area of a building, the owner will have an idea of what the outcome will look like. Architects usually create a scale model of the building using computer software. Many architects today use rendering tools that create life-like images of their designs. Part of that which sets an architect’s job apart from others involved in the construction is the integration of mathematical skills with creative aspects in design.

What is the function of an interior designer?

An interior designer does more than making spaces look beautiful. They approach each space with a desire to make sure that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are responsible for coming up with a unifying theme for the design of the building. Often they are also tasked to source materials and furnishings that will complete the overall look of a space.

Do you need to hire both?

Looking at the individual functions of each profession, it is clear that their functions are interconnected. Architects are needed to come up with a design for the building that will make sense in terms of the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. The interior designer is needed to put a concept to the aesthetics of the interior of a home. This interconnected relationship leads to a conclusion that for a new build, it is wise to consider a firm that deals with both architecture and interior design such as Found Design Studio.

Certainly, this decision varies from one scenario to another. For example, if a pre-existing structure only needs new interior design elements, there is no need to hire an architect. In the same way, if the project is for a new build or refurbishment of an old structure, then an architect is crucial for the success of the project.

There are many design companies that offer integrated services to give you more value for your money. Design consultancy doesn’t come cheap. If you can find a firm that has expertise in both areas, you are guaranteed smooth collaboration from a team of professionals that can help you through architecture related concerns as well as design matters.




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