Create a Victorian Style Bathroom

Nothing says bold and luxurious quite like a Victorian style bathroom, and with so many simple yet effective features, this interior style can transform your bathroom in an instant. From the simplistic décor to the lavish attention to detail, this beautiful bathroom style is still just as popular now, as it was over a century ago! It may seem like a challenge, to recreate that unique style that makes a room burst with character, but by incorporating certain décor style into your bathroom, you’ll instantly achieve that Victorian charm.

Colour and Materials

Throughout the Victorian era, black and white checkerboard style floor tiles were hugely popular. Whether it was in the kitchen or the bathroom, this bold design was everywhere when it came to interiors.  If a black and white floor design isn’t your idea or luxurious, these hard-wearing porcelain tiles are also used to decorate half way up the walls, with a neutral colour used to paint the left-over areas. Selecting colours that are neutral and easy to detail is key, as this will then enhance the additional extras that are used to finish the bathrooms look.

Silver and Chrome Detailing

in order to achieve that rich, sophisticated Victorian style, you need bold details that will lift the rooms atmosphere and keep the theme flowing throughout. Even small details such as the tap fixtures need to be in keeping with your chosen style. Silver and chrome taps are extremely popular throughout Victorian style interiors, from bathrooms to kitchens, and therefore are essential for your décor. You can also look at this style of brassware for your showerhead, window handles and so on.

Freestanding Bathtub

One of the main features within a Victorian bathroom is the tub. There’s nothing quite as grand a porcelain bath tub stood proud in the centre of the bathroom. Whilst space may seem like an essential for introducing standalone features, there are simple ways around working with the space available to you, such as raising certain features to emphasise slightly. The main reason for a standalone bath within the Victorian style bathroom décor is to create a stylish focal point that adds a luxurious and elegant feel to the room.

Warm and Welcoming

Having a warm and inviting bathroom is always at the top of the list, and the Victorian era had a specific way of warming their powder rooms. Traditional cast iron radiators were, and still are, very popular in Victorian interiors. Their bold appearance adds great character to the room, with the simplistic design making them very easy to fit into almost any décor style you have. If you feel your bathroom layout isn’t right for the design you want to go with, call your local plumbers merchant’s and they’ll be able to come and help you plan the perfect bathroom.

Other great additions to your bathroom such as candles and incense can help to create a really warm and relaxing atmosphere, as well as providing the room with a beautiful aroma. For a very Victorian touch, why not look at adding some gorgeous fresh flowers, positioned in a silver vase, to position on the side. Silverware was extremely popular within the Victorian period, and you often see many artefacts used to enhance Victorian character today!


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