Construction Worksite Safety 101

The construction industry can be a dangerous place, injuries may occur at any time and without warning. From using heavy machinery to navigating your way around the jobsite, workers must take the proper precautions to ensure safety at all possible times. Here are some construction safety tips to improve overall worksite safety.

  • Know a machine’s limits, especially when operating on sloped ground.
  • Always use the backup alarm on construction machinery.
  • Refrain from carrying objects while climbing up and down from or in and out of construction machinery.
  • Ensure you have enough room to maneuver equipment and machinery.
  • Use ground protection mats to ensure a stable work surface for all machinery and workers.
  • Never leave a machine unattended when the keys are in the ignition.
  • Check all controls to make sure the machinery is in proper working order.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, hard hats, steel toe boots, etc.
  • Wear a seatbelt while operating machinery.

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