Comfortable Office Furniture Can Increase Productivity

There is one universal work truth, regardless of country, region, race or sex. If you are comfortable, you work better. This is shown by multiple studies. But what factors are really impactful? Temperature, Lighting, Layout Floor Plans and Ergonomics. The last one is KEY. Office ergonomics are the thing that impacts us greatly no matter if you get all the other factors right, and that is almost 100% dependent on your office furniture. A good office set up with great furniture is the right setting to get excellent productivity levels. So, what kind should a good office manager seek out? Here are my suggestions.


Your desk is the base of your workspace, a well-organizedworkspace depends on a sturdy, and amply sized desk, located in a comfortable layout which makes everything easier. The key to a good desk is to be large enough to hold your needed tools, and aesthetics (plants, small sculpture, etc.) but small enough to remain easily accessible from your main sitting position. The pro-tip is to get a beautiful desk also, to complement the ergonomics. Looking good and feeling good is the best.


The throne, the thing that cradles us for hours, Back savers, call it whatever you want just never underestimate its importance. The office chair is probably the most concentrated on thing within the whole ergonomics discussion. The pro-tip here? Lumbar support, get a chair that supports your back and encourages proper posture. Proper posture (when paired with standing/moving breaks) will be the best for your body.


Your workspace and office layout are often overlooked but this point is one of the factors that contribute almost immediately to productivity, a shared workspace increases productivity almost immediately. Multiple studies on open plan offices show this, and your own personal desk layout, if done right, can increase your work speed.


Proper lighting is needed to reduce eyestrain and is a known mood elevator. Get your lighting level tested by experts and kept at a constant level. Here’s another pro-tip: Get as much natural lighting as you can and only have complimentary artificial lighting. The lighting from the sun is scientifically proved to raise our mood, which in turn raises our output.


Find that right ambient temperature setting for your work area and benefit, it might be hard to please everyone, but get the temperature right and you will profit.

These are the things you should always bear in mind to get your office fit out Perth. And ensure you pay close attention to the contractors being very competent and qualified. That and everything on the essential list should be covered. Good luck!

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