Choosing Between a Retrofit, Built-In or Modular Steam Shower

Steam showers are a popular addition to modern bathrooms because they recreate a spa experience. You can have a steam bath right at home by having a steam shower installed. Two major forms of steam shower can be installed, one is a built-in enclosure and the other is a modular unit or standalone unit. They have common and unique characteristics and if you are looking to have your own steam shower, you will want to understand what these are to make a wise choice.

Steam Shower Basics

A steam shower is a cabin or enclosure that produces steam for bathing or relaxation. Its main purpose is to provide and maintain high temperature steam, although some have showers with running water. Like popular steam rooms, it has moist heat and high humidity, unlike saunas that have dry heat, low humidity and higher temperatures. There are three ways you can have a steam shower at home. You can retrofit your current shower, have a built-in space installed, or buy a modular unit. Regardless of your choice, three components remain. These are the steam generator, access to plumbing and access to electricity.

Retrofit Steam Shower

It is necessary for your steam shower to be an enclosed space so that steam won’t escape. Your existing shower can be modified or converted into this type of stall and made vapour-tight. Preferably, sloped ceilings can be built so that the steam can drip on the user. The walls and drain pan should have no cracks, because steam can permeate even the smallest openings. You may ask an expert on how your existing shower area can be converted into a steam room.

Built-In Steam Shower

If retrofitting would require a bit more work, you may consider just having a built-in steam shower installed. This would mean the area will be built from scratch. You can have it placed in the bathroom or your preferred part of the home. Built-in steam showers allow you to input your design or specifically suit plumbing and electrical locations. They should be made from moisture-resistant materials. The floor should not be slippery. The height of the steam shower is also an important consideration to think about. Steam shower designers recommend a maximum of eight feet for the ceiling height so as to avoid wasting water and electricity.

Modular Steam Showers

To save you from the hassle of designing your own steam shower, you can readily purchase standalone or modular self-contained units. Nothing else is needed aside from the electrical and plumbing supplies. They are commonly made of acrylic or a combination of materials. They can be more economical than building a steam shower from scratch. Costs vary depending on the size and other features included.

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