Buying A Car With Safety In Mind On A Budget

Many new cars come with the latest safety features, but how do you get a new car when you’re on a budget? Trading a car in can be daunting, but selling a car yourself can be just as daunting. So how do you get the most money for the car you do have when you’re ready to upgrade and buy something new?

The best way to buy a car with safety in mind, on a budget, is to use an online marketplace for buying, selling and trading cars. What if the best online marketplace is also offers you unique information about cars with reviews, videos, links to resources, and loads of information that you can’t generally find anywhere else online? We’ve found just the website for you. Here’s how to buy a car with safety in mind on a budget.

Read Safety Reviews

One of the best ways to buy a car with safety in mind on a budget is to read the comprehensive safety reviews published on regularly sends their experts into the field to get you the latest information on car safety. For instance their latest article how conducts car seat checks, provides you with not only a cool video but linked resources to register your car seat and get your car seat checked. Click here also teaches you about the LATCH System implemented in all new cars as of 2011. You can find all of this and more on to help you buy a car that is not only safe but budget-friendly.

Know About Safety Recalls

One of the best features on is the section on safety and recall notices. Simply type your make, model and year into the search bar and you can search safety recall notices instantly. No more waiting for the dealership to contact you. No more waiting for the news to announce defaults. You can get the information straight from the manufacturer on

Get Budget Savvy With Technology

The best way to find the most budget-friendly car is to use a smartphone app. While you can do multi-car comparisons and side-by-sides in order to better understand what kind of car you’d like to buy – the smartphone app from offers you the best way to skip the hassle and haggle of a dealership.  When you download the app, you can take your smartphone to any dealership and scan the VIN number on the car that you’re interested in. You’ll instantly have access right on your smartphone to all of the pricing information for that particular car. Then you can use that information to compare other cars at area dealership lots nearby. The smartphone app is also a great way to keep from losing money on your trade-in by creating an ad and selling your car yourself. The app really helps you take on the go so you get more bang for your buck.

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