Breathe New Life into your Kitchen: Remodeling Tips

The kitchen is the center of your day-to-day living and that makes it the most important room in most homes. It is where your day starts and ends; where you cook your food; where your family bonds; and generally a place you consider your second living room. When looking to alter the look of your kitchen, or maybe expand it to accommodate new appliances or a larger family, there are several factors that you must consider lest you make a mess of the heart of your home. We have discussed below five carefully-sorted tips to guide you in your kitchen remodeling plans.

Define your areas subtly

This tip is useful for people who have an open concept kitchen, whereby the kitchen is in the same space as the living room, dining room etc. You can make use of interior design to define the room and make your space cozy. Lighting and furniture can also be used to carve out spaces. For instance, a sofa and a console table placed just outside the kitchen can indicate the start of the living room space. Hanging a chandelier above the dining table or installing a ceiling fan above the living room would also highlight divisions in your open floor plan.

Give Priority to Function

While aesthetics do matter when it comes to kitchen design, beauty should never come at the expense of efficiency. A well-spaced kitchen, for instance, might look more open and airy, but not if it puts the fridge 15 feet away from the range. Experts advise on setting up the range, fridge, and sink in a triangular arrangement for easier access and minimal movement in the kitchen. These are the three points you will likely be visiting the most while in the kitchen, so it is wise to have them as equidistant to one another as possible.

Light it Up

It doesn’t matter how much you have invested in giving your kitchen a facelift – without proper lighting, something will always be amiss. And no, we are not talking about filling your kitchen with multicolored bulbs or hanging a dozen chandeliers in an “X” arrangement across the ceiling. The bottom line is to have the kitchen lit uniformly. If you have recessed lighting consider switching to light fixtures that hang a few inches below the ceiling. Also, consider installing bigger fixtures over islands for aesthetic enhancement.

The stove is the center of your kitchen

The stove is the center of your kitchen just like the kitchen is the center of your home. If you can afford to upgrade just one thing in your kitchen, let it be the stove. Stoves come in a range of styles and colors, so you have an array to choose from. Make sure the range you get aligns well with your kitchen flooring, ceiling, and walls both in color and design. Additionally, complement it with a hood if you can. Nickel or bronze go well with just about any stove design, but you can buy one along with your range if you have a small budget.


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