Are You Replacing an Old Boiler? Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Combination Boilers

Everyone has heard of combi boilers (or combination boilers, as they are officially known), but not everyone knows how they work and how efficient they can really be. If you’ve made do with that old, inefficient, system boiler and hot water tank setup for years, perhaps it’s time for a change – a change for the better, at that. About 70% of new heating system installations in the last few years have made use of combination boilers, and this definitely proves their efficiency in more ways than one. So, are you planning to replace an old boiler? Here’s everything you need to know about combination boilers – and why they may be your best choice.

What it is

Combination boilers are basically an entire central heating and hot water system rolled into one unit. Unlike the conventional or traditional system, which is comprised of two units (one for hot water, and one for central heating), the combination boiler has essentially combined two functions into one single unit. Therefore, with a combination boiler, you no longer need to have a hot water tank, because the water which flows through your heating system is already heated from the source itself as soon as the tap for hot water is turned on.

The main reasons why combination boilers are a better option

  • The first benefit of a combination boiler system is its efficiency. This kind of system is less complicated than other, more traditional heating and hot water systems, and this efficiency also results in something more significant – a reduction in your energy bills.
  • The second benefit and advantage of combination boilers is their compact size, a size that is easily manageable, even if you have a smaller home. Because there is no longer any need for a water tank, a combination boiler doesn’t take up as much room as a conventional system which needs a tank for the heating of hot water. If space is an issue for you, then a combi boiler is definitely a more viable option.
  • The third benefit of combination boilers is the relative ease with which they operate. Since they are comprised of fewer parts and components, combi boilers are easier to run – and they are less expensive to operate as well. If you have a combi boiler, you don’t have to deal with complex repairs and the replacements of parts, and maintenance is also easy.

Combination boilers have become a truly popular choice for many homeowners in the UK, and this isn’t surprising considering their efficiency, convenience, and cost. If you are looking for a combination LPG boiler, you can easily find one that fits your requirements; just make sure that it comes with a good manufacturers’ warranty and a reliable after-sales service.


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