A List of Common Mistakes when it comes to Bathroom Lighting – and How to Avoid Them

There’s an unfortunate fact not many of us are aware of when it comes to lighting in our homes: bathroom lighting is often neglected. Whilst it’s true that we should pay attention to proper lighting for our bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas, we should also pay particular importance to the lighting in our bathrooms. Most of us just end up installing an overhead light and leave it at that. But this shouldn’t be the case, especially if you want your bathroom to be a sanctuary of relaxation and comfort. Following is a list of common mistakes when it comes to bathroom lighting – and how to avoid them.

Not installing enough

The most common error when it comes to bathroom lighting is simply that we don’t install enough. We settle for that glaring overhead light, thinking that it’s enough to illuminate our bathrooms. But if you want more than just ample illumination, then you should think about installing more lights.

Installing too many

But there’s another mistake that many people make: installing too many lighting fixtures, especially recessed ones. Whilst recessed lights are very welcome if you want to set the right mood and atmosphere, installing too many of them can make your bathroom look quite industrial and, frankly speaking, ugly. The key is balance and strategic placement.

Direct light

One other mistake is installing a ceiling light directly over one’s head. When installing your ceiling lights, place them in the corners or in the area of the walkway so the light will not be unflattering or too glaring.

Uneven lighting

Additionally, there is the issue of asymmetrical or uneven lighting. If you place one lighting fixture on only one side of the bathroom mirror, this can result in an uneven look and can make it difficult to perform tasks. Make sure your bathroom lighting is asymmetrical – place two bathroom spotlights in opposite corners, and place wall sconces on either side of the mirror.

Pay attention to these areas

If you want your bathroom lighting to be ‘spot-on,’ pay attention to some particular areas. First is the ceiling. Recessed lights can work wonders for your bathroom’s ambience, but remember to place them asymmetrically and not directly over your head. Your vanity area should have ample task lighting, and this can be done with above-the-mirror fixtures or wall sconces on each side of the mirror. The shower and bath area should be properly lit, and for this, an overhead light is a good choice, but make it dimmable. You can also install strip lighting if you have cupboards or cabinets mounted on the wall, as these can add a great lighting effect. If you have paintings or wall art, you can add accent lighting for this as well.



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