If you need maintenance or repair to a structure in your home and you want it done right the first time, your best bet is probably to hire a handyman. There are multiple home maintenance solutions Casper available, but you want to be sure to hire someone who is both capable and trustworthy. Here are some desirable qualities to look for in a handyman.

1. Good Communication Skills

You should never agree to a maintenance or repair job on your home without first understanding what is to be done and how long it is going to take. A good handyman should be able to explain these to you clearly.

However, good communication doesn’t only apply before the job takes place. It is common for an unexpected situation to arise during a course of a project that may change the timeframe or the fee. Your handyman should discuss this with you as soon as the issue arises, not after the work is done.

2. Free Quotes

Before you allow a handyman on your property to perform an estimate, make sure that he will not charge you anything to do so. If he wants to charge something for a quote, don’t waste your time or money on him.

3. Certifications

A handyman who is certified with a professional organization relevant to his field is likely to be someone who knows what he’s doing. If the certifying organization has put its trust in him, you can feel confident doing the same.

4. Contracts

A trustworthy handyman is willing to sign a contract ensuring his rates, responsibilities, etc. If he doesn’t offer you a contract, feel free to draw up your own, and if he’s not willing to sign it, he’s not the man for the job.

5. Respect for Your Property

A handyman should show respect for your entire home, not just the part he is working on. This includes being mindful of your personal space and your privacy, keeping your floors clean by wearing protective shoe coverings, and cleaning up all materials after the job has been completed.

6. Receipts

An itemized receipt allows you to ensure that the handyman has lived up to his side of the deal as it relates to the contracted services and the agreed-upon fees. Before the job is started, before the contract is even signed, you should ask if you will receive a receipt upon completion.

Above all, you should trust your intuition. Even if a handyman meets every one of these standards, if your gut is telling you something is not right, you should listen and start looking elsewhere.


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